Ann Vastano Scottish Landscape Painting
Loch an Eilein Castle


Having grown up, lived and worked in the Scottish Highlands, I have been constantly driven to recreate through art work those dramatic land forms which surround me. I am also particularly captivated by those character filled bothies and cottages which lie strewn across the highland park. Along with the fickle weather fronts we experience here in the north, these muses are a constant challenge and inspiration.

Sketching outdoors allows me to immerse oneself completely in the mood and atmosphere of the subject, capturing my perception of its essence.

For the past few years I have worked mainly in pastels and acrylic. My new work however has encompassed using both these mediums alongside paper collage. I have also included in some instances the use of the written word, which I feel adds another dimension to the composition. Opening the work up to further interpretation.

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